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Custom Marquee

The following are Custom Traders who are attended the 2017 Show.

Custom Traders Description of merchandise / services offered
Aartvart Artwork to Motorcycles
Back Street Heroes Magazine and promo items
Bike Protector Range of cleaners, detailers, polishers & pro-coatings
Demeanour Customs Engineering Services and Polishing / Custom Bikes & Old Empire Motorcycles
Destiny Cycles Custom Builder
East County Customs Custom Upholsterer
Fastec Custom Racing Custom Parts & Bikes
Hurricane Airbrush Art Custom Airbrush Paintwork
Raw Steel Choppers Bike Builder & fabrication
Storik Motorcycle Aluminium Body Parts on display
Suffer for Your Art Clothing Tattoo Inspired Clothing
Takakuda Leather bags, wallets, cases, wallet ropes, silver accessories
Talana Gamah Art
Zoe Cano Author and Adventure Biker, promoting and selling her book

Price List - TBC for 2018

Ref Size Price ex VAT Price inc VAT Number of wristbands
A 3 x 3 £55.00 £66.00 2
B 4 x 3 £73.33 £88.00 3
C 5 x 3 £91.67 £110.00 4
D 6 x 3 £110.00 £132.00 4
E 8 x 3 £143.33 £172.00 4
F Premium 10 x 4 £250.00 £300.00 6

If you'd like a custom marquee pitch or have any queries regarding the custom marquee, then please contact Roo.